Bentley Investment Group

 Founded in 1997

The Bentley Investment Group (BIG) is a student organization that is responsible for managing a portion of the university’s endowment. This student-managed portfolio gives Bentley students the opportunity to make real investment decisions. BIG is open to and has members from a variety of majors and provides students with the experience of working in a team environment and making group decisions.

Founded in 1997, with an original allocation of $250,000 from the Board of Trustees, the original 24 members of BIG worked hard to establish the framework for this new educational concept. Throughout the years, BIG has grown by leaps and bounds, implementing new strategies and reforming internal processes.


Bentley Investment Group

Our Mission Statement

The goal of the Bentley Investment Group is to provide undergraduate students the investment management duties to a portion of the Bentley University endowment. The group’s goals are to achieve capital appreciation of the portfolio, while providing an educational experience to each member. The group should be open to all members of the Bentley community and maintain its classification as a student-run organization with no control or unprompted intervention from a third party.


Jacob Matosky


Jacob Matosky is a Senior majoring in Finance with a minor in Computer Information Systems from Shelburne, Vermont. Jacob previously served BIG in a variety of ways including Analyst, Portfolio Manager for Financials, Treasurer, and taught the analyst training program. Most recently, Jacob served as the Vice President of Research for BIG. Jacob’s goals for this year are to continue to lead alpha for the fund.


Jacob’s scope of experience extends beyond BIG, including working within a 22 billion-dollar fixed income credit portfolio. Furthermore, Jacob supported a 4.5 billion-dollar family office middle-market fund. Jacob will be headed to Copley Equity Partners as an associate in the Denver office,


Jacob is a true renaissance man as his interests extend beyond investing to playing golf and drinking Scotch on occasion.

Our Executive Board

Behind every stock is a company. Find out what it's doing.

(Peter Lynch)


Our Strategy

The Bentley Investment Group seeks to run an equity fund focusing on investment exposure to small, mid, or large-capitalization companies that conduct business on a global scale.

BIG takes a two-prong approach to run the fund, focusing on education and capital appreciation. BIG educates the membership on investment vehicles, thereby retaining more knowledgeable members, who go on to contribute to the investment process of the fund.

Using an active fundamental investment approach, the Bentley Investment Group aims to add value to the investment process by making active decisions in sectors and individual securities. Therefore, security selection is a key driver for returns. BIG allocates assets by using the experience and analytical expertise of all members. By utilizing a predominantly top-down investing approach, BIG is able to allocate into various sectors that the group sees as the most efficient diversification of the Fund.

The fund’s assets are divided using the benchmark’s sector weightings as a guideline. The stated weightings are discussed by the membership, and deviations are decided upon. Reallocation to match desired weightings takes place on a weekly basis.