Bentley Investment Group


Bentley Investment Group

New B.i.g. Committees

Bentley Investment Group is excited to establish three new committees aimed at increasing BIG’s inclusion and presence on campus. These committees will be an opportunity for all majors to make a contribution to the fund and represent a more inclusive view of the financial services sector. The three new committees are the following:

  • Social Media

    • Will control all of BIG’s social media accounts and be responsible for daily posts and updates to our new website

  • Marketing

    • Create and run marketing campaigns on campus for fund recruitment and raising awareness for our semester events

  • Diversity

    • An independent committee within BIG aimed at identifying unconscious biases and increasing fund inclusion


Amelia Blum

Marketing Committee 

Amelia Blum is a Sophomore from Burlington, Vermont majoring in Marketing with a minor in Computer Information Systems. Amelia joins BIG as a Co-Chair for the Marketing Committee.


Amelia’s goals for the Marketing Committee are to show Bentley students that anyone can join BIG, even as a marketing student. Through various marketing strategies, she wants to be able to convey to individuals what BIG is, and how it can provide numerous opportunities to advance in your professional career.


This summer Amelia interned with Reading Plus where she created content for all their social media platforms, analyzed and reported on findings from a national survey, and conducted market research to create a SWOT analysis.


Amelia’s hobbies and interests include exercising, skiing, and listening to music. She is also involved in other areas at Bentley. She is an on-campus tour guide, an orientation leader, and a member of Phi Sigma Sigma.

Committee Members

Strength lies in differences, not in similarities.

(Stephen R. Covey)

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